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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  February 11, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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pandemonium across egypt tonight after the president announces he is stepping down. right here in washington the obama administration is keeping a very close eye on those developments in egypt considered one of the most allies in the arab world. we begin with correspondent joel brown. >> reporter: protestors erupting with joy on the streets of cairo moments after egypt's vice president announced that president hosni mubarak agreed to their biggest demand and resigned. tens of thousands danced and shouted some even lighting torches in the tahrir square. the egyptian military which didn't intervene during the 18 days of protest now controls the country. >> reporter: in a statement a commander said details about the transition will come soon and he praised hosni mubarak's decision to leave. president obama was in a meeting in the oval office when he got the word that hosni mubarak had stepped down and he watched on television some of
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the celebrations gripping cairo. >> the people have egypt have spoken, their voices have been heard and egypt will never be the same. >> reporter: events unfolded so fast the white house had to scramble to keep up. hosni the administration trying to walk a fine line. protest leaders are looking to the future. they are thrilled with hosni mubarak's decision to leave. but they say they are not leaving the square until democracy fully takes hold in their country. joel brown, cbc news, the white house. >> next door in israel, some folks are concerned about what those changes might mean for the future of the 1979 camp david accord. hosni mubarak's resignation announcement is sending shock
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waves through the world. just moments after hosni mubarak stepped down, people around the globe rushed out into the streets, handing out candy, setting off fireworks, one big celebration. the european union absoluted the courage of the prodemocracy protestors who spurred this sentiment in egypt. meanwhile switzerland froze any assets belonging to hosni mubarak or his family in the bank. >> the people were able to defeat a monarchy and government. every country should follow suit to keep the leaders in line. >> that is the most wonderful news i have ever heard in my life. >> that same joy flooding into the streets of our area. people are gathering right now at the egyptian embassy. scott broom is live there
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tonight to fill us in. scott, i see it looks very joyful back there. >> it is not tahrir square but they have captured the enthusiasm in front of the egyptian embassy. about 100 egyptian nationals. they are chanting "we did it, freedom forever, we can see the future made by the people" holding signs saying egypt's revolution inspires the world and egypt is free. here is what one of the demonstrators had to say. >> oh, my goodness. overwhelmed. this is how we feel. people are screaming and we don't even have words to put on this emotion. it is an unprecedented event and definitely comes with unprecedented emotions. there are no words to describe this. i have no doubt my people will make the right choice and choose the right leader. >> they will make the right
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choice. no doubt in my mind. >> reporter: the celebration continues in front of the egyptian embassy, throwing candy and playing music and they are throwing one sign saying thank you facebook, thank you obama, thank you anderson cooper. live at the egyptian embassy scott broom, 9news now. >> thank you for that, scott. stick with 9news now for the latest developments coming out of egypt. update at 11:00 p.m. tonight. well, it was bitterly cold last night and we are hoping tonight could be just a tad warmer. chief meteorologist topper shutt is here with the answers. should we be bundling up before you head out for a friday night adventure. > >> won't be as cold but it will be plenty cold. let's start with temperatures right now. we are in the 30s and 20s right now. 39 downtown. 30 in gaithersburg. but upper 20s in frederick. they were 8 this morning in frederick. gaithersburg 11. so not quite as cold tonight but cold enough. yes, lows tonight, 29 downtown.
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maybe 19 up in frederick. 22 in leesburg and 25 in manassas. temps generally about 7 degrees higher than they were. tonight, clear to partly cloudy. lows 19 to 29 with light winds. we will come back and we will talk about the weekend which looks pretty nice then we will talk about next week. birds may be singing by the enof next week. derek? >> thank you, topper. nice thought. for the first time tonight the two elderly women raped by the same suspect last summer speak out about the brutal attacks. >> i made a conscious decision that i wasn't going to be the one that cries and screams over it. i need to survive. >> police say that 69-year-old woman who lives on beacon field terrace was raped not once but twice. once in june and then again in january. an 87-year-old who lives in the assisted living facility right across the street was raped in august. >> he had gone back out the
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window. at first it was difficult. but i never went back to that building. >> really he should turn himself in and stop this. otherwise, the next little old lady he breaks in on may have a gun under her pillow. >> well, in is a sketch of that suspect. he is described as a dark- skinned hispanic man between the ages of 16 and 25. and police will be passing that sketch out in the neighborhood next saturday so if you've got any information call crime stoppers. 1-866-414-tips is the number. >> 60 years in prison. that is the sentence a dc judge gave ingmar guandique, the man accused of killing federal intern chandra levy. she was murdered in rock creek park in 2001. ingmar guandique was already in prison when he was charged with the crime. he was convicted back november. he was, quote, the worst of the worst but not quite. a man behind bars in
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manassas tonight charged with a killing rampage. three people dead, three others hurt. the shootings happened at two different homes right near each other in the georgetown south neighborhood and peggy fox has more from manassas. >> he just got -- he was just high and drunk and just went into a rage. >> reporter: melissa king's aunt brenda ashcroft was shot dead last night along with ashcroft's son. 37-year-old william ashcroft whose girlfriend and daughter were wounded by gunshots. nobody saw it coming. >> it was really devastating. >> it was something over jealousy i think. >> reporter: the suspect is 37- year-old jose alafaro. >> he was very mean to my aunt but she was too afraid to report it. >> reporter: a quarterly mile away he shot and killed his best friend. >> he rented a woman from a 77- year-old woman.
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when she came out to confront her he allegedly attacked her with a machete. >> it is scary to know i sat at the same table with this man and had many christmas' and easter dinners. he has taken my kids to the store. and i'm just shocked. >> reporter: police say alfaro was in the country illegally. >> in 2002 he was seen before a federal immigration judge and was put out for deportation but he was at large since that time. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9 news. when you think of moonshine you might think of prohibition and old school boot leggers but history does repeat itself and now two local men are behind bars charged with distilling alcohol in their home. up next, delivery dilemma. úú7ú
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for the past several months budget problems have forced the postal service to lay off workers an and raise the price of a stamp. the agency could have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by just using a little common sense and some self- restraint. that report accuses employees of abusing credit card privileges and racking up
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lavish travel expenses. britany morehouse has more. >> reporter: in a day and age when these blue boxes are lonely and disappearing, the postal service is facing another blow and this one of its own diagnose. >> i think that's an abuse of resources. >> that's pretty much the summary of a new report from the postal service sest inspector general. the report says travel costs were sky high for employees. cards used for expensive hotels, apple computers and one employee charged adult entertain the. $600,000 could have been saved overall. the cost of 1,363,636 stamps. >> they are spending that kind of money why do we pay more for stamps. >> reporter: 53 employees were listed as deceased. >> we have to start thinking like the forefathers.
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>> reporter: like benjamin franklin. no wonder they keep having to cut back. >> i think it has something to do with the fact that everybody has a tendency to e-mail, im these days. >> check on this next report and some fear we may see another price increase on stamps. >> a postal spokesman says last year they reduced the travel budget. they could have saved another 6% mother. all inappropriate activities are being dealt with. just in time for the weekend. some warm weather on the way. chief meteorologist topper shutt is back with what we have all been waiting for. just a taste of spring. up next, finally at rest. one of america's bravest is given a final honor more than six decades after he died serving our country. qqq
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america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front... adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottle, and pack they produce... so you can make the choice that's right for you. a world war ii airman is finally at rest 68 years after he died in world war ii. he and 11 others disappeared hen they are plane went down and that plane wasn't found until 1984 and it took investigators another 20 years to identify those remains.
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well, today he was buried with full military honors at arlington national cemetery. two men have been busted for making moonshine down at their house. one of the stills were found for sale on craigslist and they confiscated two stills, moonshine, handgun and some marijuana during the bust. >> there is no control, really, with what goes into it. what is disstilled out of it. but it is a much stronger, much higher alcohol concentration than you're normally accustomed too. >> agents say they arrested the two and both facing a variety of charges including illegal manufacturer of alcohol. now you can see the 16th commander in chief all done up in wax. take a look. this wax figure of lincoln, the
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star attraction at special celebration. the wax lincoln will be one of the figures on display at the u.s. president's gallery. it opens next thursday, february the 17th. looks like he could stand up and say -- >> anything. >> yes. >> there you go. you're going to be happy. you're going to be beside yourself when you see the seven-day. >> let's take a look. >> but suffice to say it will get warmer. >> don't get me all worked up. i can't wait. >> temperatures falling pretty fast. overcoat required tonight if you're going out to dinner or something. 39 downtown. 37 in arlington. mid-30s in sterling, fairfax. up to the north you find 30 in gaithersburg, 31 in laytonsville. low 30s in the burbs already. dry air mass. clear skies.
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we are going to maintain these clear skies, calm winds and dry air mass. bundle up tonight. not quite as cold top as it was last night but still plenty cold. seasonable on saturday. milder sunday. but breezy. and just simply like spring by the ends of next week. for tonight, clear to partly cloudy. not quite as cold. coats still required. 19 to 29 with the light wind. lows tonight probably 7, 8 degrees higher than they were this morning. gaithersburg you were 12 last night. you'll be 19. rockville 20 tonight for a low. upper 20s downtown. maybe 21 in college park. bowie you could still sneak in the teens though. upper 20s for springfield and arlington. 21 in fairfax. 21 in reston. upperville, you might still sneak back into the upper teens. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny with a cold start. so think layers. temps in the 20s and 30s. winds light in the morning. west-southwest at 10. now by afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy, seasonable. you're still going to want a
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light jacket because temps will be in the mid-40s which is not bad but the winds out of the west at 10 to 15. while not a biting wind anytime you move wind around with temps in the 40s just a little bit chilly. high temps 44 gaithersburg, 45 downtown. 44 in bowie. temps pretty uniform and close where they were today. 45 in fairfax. 44 in leesburg. 44 in manassas. next three days. mid-40s tomorrow. low 50s on sunday. nice. yes, a few clouds with that clipper passing to our north but that's it. a little bit cooler on monday. we are back to 50 but still the sun will shine on valentine's day. a minor setback on tuesday. back in the mid-40s. but then mid-50s return on wednesday. 60 on thursday. and by golly, derek, 68 on friday. clouds coming in late. 20 degrees above average. just remember that because talking to howard sometimes the
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weather is oscillating between extremes. watch out if it stretches one way and then it will stretch back the other way. >> i can't wait for saturday. >> have to wait for that. a fresh start. part of the driving philosophy behind bethel house. it opened back in 1993. it is an offshoot of the union bethel church in maryland. mission inspired by the needs of the growing neighborhood and now executive director wright says when folks come in for help the goal is to provide hope for a brand-new beginning. >> we make our checks, our check has to bring a person to a zero balance. so if they are six months behind we are not going to pay one month's rent because they are going to be put out anyway so we want to be sure to get the biggest bang for the buck. >> they called me back that same day. they said we are going to pay
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the full bill. not only did they pay a portion, they paid the whole bill. >> were you on the verge of being cut off? >> yes. >> wright says bethel house was able to help more than 2000 people last year and the gannett foundation, and wusa9 and u.s.a. today proud to help with more. a $5000 donation. go to our website just click on the hero central link for more information. we will be back. >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address mail bag at 9 news now will be right back.
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tons of support for school in the district. i walked out today sunny and bright walking to my car and didn't see the sheet of house and fell smack dab on my tailbone. nearly broke my wrist as well. when there is ice all over schools should shut down. check out this photographic evidence from jenny in woodbridge. she took that picture at 5:30 p.m. and looks scary, doesn't it? this is at my son's bus stop
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not all the neighborhoods are the same and road conditions of all roads need to be taken into consideration. yes, it was an inconvenience but i do think the right decision was made. my question is why did we not see vdot on our road today but that is probably a question for a different show. perhaps it is, jenny, but still a good question. finally this from patrick who calls himself a concerned husband of a teacher and father. he said closing the schools was the right call. when i drove my car at lunchtime there was still ice on the ground. many teachers commute from farther away which increases the risk with marginal weather. there have been some days this year that school was noncanceled and it should have been. seems to me the biggest lesson is don't assume all streets look good because you see the pavement because it is dry in your neighborhood. and perhaps, just perhaps you might want to give your school administrators of the doubt as you struggle to keep your kids
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safe and educated at the same time. i await your points of view. send it to or leave it on our wusa facebook page. i will be back at 11:00 p.m. tonight along with anita brikman. tonight we are working on man scaping. from pedicures and facials. how the world of primping yourself up is opening itself up to the other half. plus, a look forward to what is happening in egypt now that hosni mubarak is gone. log on to anytime. we will see you a bit later. bye-bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. oprah in her rollers. >> mama was not happy. >> it's lady o grilling the women of "the view." >> any of you regret anything you have done? >> and a rare rook at the ladies without their makeup. >> five very opinionated women. has dame elizabeth taylor just been rushed to the hospital? plus, justin bieber bald? >> and -- ♪ it's a quarter after 1:00 >> lady antebellum kicks off the grammys. i think it's fun to see puck smitten. actress


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